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Dr. A. James McKeever came from a low-income background and was the first in his family to finish college.  After decades of working shitty jobs, a brother caught a break and got a chance to go to grad school.  Eight long years later he graduated with a PhD in sociology from the University of Southern California and now teaches at Los Angeles Pierce College. He has always had a strong commitment to community and Sociologists Talking Real Sh*t is for that community. 



Sociologists Talking Real Sh*t is a place of "public sociology," a place to make theory matter by just talking about what really matters...people and community.  A place outside of the classroom and more in the living room or the front porch.  Just talk, plain, simple and to the point. Sociology for the people, by the people who are good at it and good at "talking real sh*t.)



Sociology can really be helpful at understanding people's lives. But too often it has been written and presented in a way that has left out the peeps I grew up with and presented in a way that most everyday people would not want to pay attention to.  Sociologists talking Real Sh*t wants to drop knowledge pick some up, while also being entertaining.   Hopefully the end result will be helpful in promoting critical thinking and social know get sh*t done.  



This website promotes the “Sociologist Talking Real Sh*t Podcast” under “Shop Talk” where sociologists and other guest drop by to talk about real issues in a real way.  “Uncensored” is our blog, where you can comment on previous podcasts, issues, interesting books, events, and videos. Interested in joining the conversation on “Shop Talk” or create a blog on “Uncensored” contact me on “Booking and Contact” for consideration.  You can also join us on Facebook Instagram, or twitter to get guest information, book suggestions, and other content.   

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